Daryl Dixon vs Rick Grimes: Who Wins In Your State?

map of us with daryl dixon and rick grimes face on it

We’re huge fans of The Walking Dead and I don’t think we’re alone in that fact. Well, I suppose I know for a fact we’re not alone. Because we just extracted a boatload of data about the show to settle once and for all who the star of The Walking Dead is.

It’s you, Rick. It’s always been you. You’re the most popular star on The Walking Dead.

rick grimes and daryl dixons face on geese

Oh wait, sorry. I was reading the map upside down. Eesh. This is awkward. Take a seat, Rick. Turns out that, well…

Daryl is actually more popular in EVERY STATE.

Here’s a live look in on the Daryl Dixon camp:

daryl dixon pumping his first

Apparently the quiet, reserved badass with either an endless supply of arrows or a 100% recovery rate is America’s golden boy. And it wasn’t really even close. Daryl’s Disciples outnumber Rick’s Rooters at a ratio of 1.46 to 1. This means that in a pool of 1000 people, you can expect about 594 to support Daryl and 406 to support Rick. Suffice it to say, CNN would be calling this race with confidence pretty darn early.

Rick Grimes performed best in Hawaii, where Daryl is only 18% more popular. And where did he fare the worst? Montana, where Daryl Dixon is almost twice as popular (97.80% more popular to be exact).

Wait, Rick. Rick! Where are you going? Rick!?

rick grimes carrying guns and kerosene walking alone down the highway

I hope that road leads to Hawaii, for Montana’s sake.

So what was our methodology? Pretty darn simple. We collected the number of people Facebook categorizes as interested in “Rick Grimes” and sorted them by state. We did the same for “Daryl Dixon” and then we crunched some numbers, made some simple maps, and the rest was internet history.