Westchester Tattoo Convention Custom Sweatshirt

Just checking in on a late, late Friday night to share an awesome custom sweatshirt we had the privilege to print for the Westchester Tattoo Convention. It was designed by the super talented guys over at Addicted To Ink. They organize the Tattoo Convention, which had it’s second annual gathering back in October.

My only regret? We only printed one sample for ourselves. Otherwise this sweatshirt would be mine.

Westchester Tattoo Convention custom sweatshirt


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Game Of Thrones T-Shirts To Wear While Waiting For Winter To Come

Sure, the Starks would like you to believe Winter is coming. And it does seem to be the one thing all the houses in Game of Thrones can agree on. But is winter coming, really? After the dramatic end to season three, I’d have thought the cold winds of winter would have gripped Westeros at least midway through season 4. But the White Walkers failed to materialize in any meaningful way.

So you know what? Forget it. We declare with a strong amount of convinction that the trumped up winter is NOT coming. And for us, that only means one thing: t-shirt weather all year round, baby!

In honor of this glorious news, we’ve gathered the greatest Game of Thrones t-shirt designs from around the web for your visual pleasure.

The Best Game of Thrones T-Shirts In Westeros And Beyond

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Guns Don't Kill People George RR Martin Kills People Game Of Thrones T-Shirt (more…)

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