MadLoves from Deep V Music and The Gregory Brothers

Logo for Madloves promotion from Deep V Music and The Gregory Brothers

Ben from Deep V Music recently shared a great little project with us called MadLoves. Basically, you fill out a mad lib and they personalize a love song with your creative responses. The song features the The Gregory Brothers and the personalized parts (your mad lib responses) are added in by an awesome mystery guest vocalist. On Valentine’s Day they’ll email it to your significant other and you look like the thoughtful hero of the world we all know you to be.

Sounds super easy and fun? That’s because it is! And it’s also only $1, all of which goes to a great charity called Music and Memory that helps the elderly through the power of music.

Here’s Deep V’s hilarious promo video for Madloves (featuring an awesome t-shirt design we had the pleasure of printing for them):

Hats off to Deep V Music and The Gregory Brothers for coming up with this awesome concept and for their support of Music and Memory!

Here’s a little teaser to get an idea of what the song will sound like:

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