A Dillon Francis Grayscale T-Shirt Burning Up Your Tuesday Morning

Welcome to Tuesday, fearless and intrepid readers. Today we begin our blogging journey with a Dillon Francis grayscale screen print we did for the one and only… Wait for it. They’re going to be so surprised… Wait for it…

Dillon Francis!

Screenprinted Dillon Francis One Deeper grayscale t-shirt featuring his face wearing sunglasses

Hold your applause! HOLD YOUR APPLAUSE!

For what, you ask?


gif of a cat crawling along like a caterpillar

Now that we’ve gotten the important stuff out of the way, let me get down to business.

If you want your very own custom grayscale t-shirt like our boy Dill (who we’ve never met even one time and certainly didn’t say we could call him Dill), well… You’re in luck! You’ve come to the exact, precise, absolute, particular and proper place to make that happen. Just shoot us a line and we’ll be glad to assist.

See you soon, dear sweet internet. I’ll be back this afternoon with an even greater explosion of randomness and cats.

This is a promise.

gif of a cat leaping from a fake explosion

The custom t-shirt shown is official Dillon Francis merchandise. It’s a custom grayscale screen print on a Next Level 6200 t-shirt.

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HumbleSwag Tees Now On Sale. All Profits Will Go To DrugFree.org

HumbleSwag tees on sale with all profit going to DrugFree.org

When talented writer/comedian Harris Wittels passed away on February 19th, I didn’t know who he was. Of course that changed when I read the articles that trickled out about his life. It’s clear now that he was a person very much worth knowing about, both professionally and personally.

One thing I was very aware of, though hadn’t attributed to him, was the @HumbleBrag twitter account. Humblebrag was the sherriff of early Twitter. If you tweeted something foolish, @humblebrag was there to put you on blast. It didn’t matter if you were a celebrity or a random member of the Twitterverse. If you tried to brag-while-not-bragging, you got yourself called out.

In honor of @HumbleBrag, we’ve decided to launch an online store called HumbleSwag. All profits from this pre-order of shirts will be donated to DrugFree.org. We really enjoyed the account while it was active (the last re-tweet was from March 2013) and think this is a way we can help an important cause while paying homage to a person / twitter account that gave us a lot of laughs.

Here are the humble brags we chose along with the t-shirt designs on sale now:

Biceps should not noticeably increase in size this quickly Humblebrag humbleswag tee

“I seriously have no business being a nerd with this body type. Biceps should not noticeably increase in size this quickly.” – @dantheshive

I should have (and could have) gone to an ivy custom tee

“I should have (and could have) gone to an ivy. I wish life had a re-do button sometimes.” – @nateatsbuffalo

Shit I left my book in the helicopter custom humbleswag tee)

“Shit I left my book in the helicopter. Haven’t even finished reading.” – @weeny

Remind me not to stay out til 2am w/ @kidrock again. Hurtin’ for certain today custom humbleswag tee)

“Remind me not to stay out til 2am w/ @kidrock again. Hurtin’ for certain today.” – @LanceArmstrong

You'd be surprised how many people come up to me asking for my autograph thinking I'm Denzel Washington custom humbleswag tee)

“You’d be surprised how many people come up to me asking for my autograph thinking I’m Denzel Washington.” – @JroStylezCrown

can anyone recommend a camelback for running? did 9.7mi on Monday and that was the limit of my running-w/o-water-bottle custom humbleswag tee)

“can anyone recommend a camelback for running? did 9.7mi on Monday and that was the limit of my running-w/o-water-bottle.” – @Stammy

If you’d like a t-shirt to help support a terrific cause, head on over to HumbleSwag.

Of if you think our HumbleSwag tees are ugly as sin, hate ’em and wish they’d die… That’s cool. A little over the top. But cool. Just donate directly here.

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Realistic Gun T-Shirt Comes With Written Warning

realistic gun t-shirt with image of gun strapped to side

Link to video because embed code is being a dummy (or I am).

We here at Merchbro support an individual’s right to bear arms, even if none of us are the gun-toting type. Without launching into a gun control debate on a custom t-shirt blog, let’s just say we stand on the middle ground. It should be harder to get a gun and harder to prove yourself competent of carrying one. You should have to pass more regular evaluations to ensure you’re still competent to own a gun. Better background checks, better mental health evaluations. All of those things that most of moderate America agrees with.

But at the end of the day, banning guns entirely is not realistic nor is it something we’d fully support. Consider us Sweden in this whole gun-control affair.

But if there is one thing I’m sure of, you should probably not sell a custom t-shirt that needs a CAUTION YOU MIGHT DIE IF YOUR WEAR THIS disclaimer attached.

Paul Liebe, owner of Nitelife Billiards and Supply in Grand Junction and co-creator of the realistic gun t-shirt in the video above, seems like a nice enough guy. But if you find yourself in front of a reporter trying to strongly caution your clientelle against what amounts to scratching your armpit in front of a cop, maybe it’s time to cease and desist. There are far better and safer ways to pronounce your support of the Second Amendment than wearing a t-shirt that makes everyone around you uneasy.

We’re usually the biggest supporter of all things custom t-shirt, but on this one, we’ll have to vote thumbs down.

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Daryl Dixon T-Shirts For Sophisticated Daryl Dixon Stalk… Fans.

I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead, though I’m admittedly a little behind. Before you start to protest about how awful and foolish I am, let me re-state that I’m really only a little behind. I just haven’t seen the newest episode or two from the start of the current half season. Now, I plan on doing that immediately after I publish this blog.

But first, I must toil for the good of my fellow people. I must put together a comprehensive list of the best Daryl Dixon t-shirts on the internet.

Why do I feel so compelled, you ask? Because as your resident t-shirt nut, it is my solemn duty. I’m like those people back in the very back day who wrote Encyclopedia’s out by hand. We don’t do this for fun or the accolades. We do it to preserve the record of human (Daryl Dixon t-shirt) events. And if you can’t get behind that… Well, I just don’t know what to say to you.

The 16 Best Daryl Dixon T-Shirts On The Internet

Daryl Dixon t-shirt featuring Daryl with his crossbow and If Daryl Dies We Riot (more…)

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