Cartel Sweatshirt Screen Printed By Merchbro

Detailed designs might be a problem for some printers. But not us. I don’t care how complex your art might be. We’ll print it cleanly, with sharp lines and a killer aesthetic. Just check out this custom sweatshirt we printed for the music group Cartel:

Custom sweatshirt printed by merchbro for rock group Cartel with detailed skull design

That’s one intricate skull design. The second they brought it to us, we knew it would make for an amazing Cartel sweatshirt. Just look at the quality of print, even close up:

Custom sweatshirt printed for rock group Cartel with detailed skull design featuring close up

So next time you’re in need of a printer capable of laying down some intricate ink, come to Merchbro. You’ll be glad you did.

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