Chicken Dance Custom Silicone Wristband Say What!??

DLV chicken dance custom silicone wristband

I was having troubling sleeping on this very early Wednesday morning, so I did what any sane and rational human being would do. I sifted through a box of custom silicone wristbands looking for a cool one to blog about. And boy were my efforts rewarded by this chicken dancing son of a b*tch!

The swagger! The panache! The cockiness (no pun intended but intended)!

Wristband Bros printed this masterpiece for the one and only Danny Duncan of We The Kings fame. It’s a custom silicone wristband that was debossed (engraved) and then filled with a neon aquamarine ink. I think I speak for the one of me here in this room right now when I say it’s real, and it’s spectacular!

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