Link For President T-Shirt Available For A Limited Time

Who are you planning on voting for in 2016? It better be Link, my internet friend. He is the one and only candidate who can solve the Great Rupee Depression and usher Hyrule into a Golden Age of Purple Rupees.

Buy your own Link For President t-shirt to show your support. He can’t win without you!

Link For President t-shirt design featuring Link's face

How Voting Link Will Make Your Hyrulian Life 10x Better

  • Will squash any and all chicken uprisings.
  • Free pottery removal services (specializing in Potterty Destruction followed by Unexplained Shard Disappearance).
  • Eradication of all carnivorous plant life.
  • Will provide fresh caught fish upon request.
  • Available for ocarina performances.
  • Free dungeon and basement cleaning services.
  • Will vanquish your annoying boss.
  • Will occasionally return your world from the brink of utter disaster.
  • Will never once gloat (or speak, for that matter).

Need I say more? Link is your man for President in 2016. I know, you know it… We all know it. So do us all a favor and buy a shirt already!

The Link For President t-shirt is screen printed on a Bella + Canvas 3001 premium t-shirt. Average delivery time is one week. Returns must be shipped and postmarked within 2 weeks of delivery.