Walking Dead T-Shirts To Wear In The Event Of A Zombie Apocalypse

A List Of The Coolest Walking Dead T-Shirts On The Internet


We’re big fans of The Walking Dead, so we were all tuned in to last weeks season finale. During our shock, sadness, and deep inconsolable depression following The Death of Beth, we couldn’t help but notice that everyone seemed in need of new custom t-shirts.

zombies from the walking dead

Do these zombies not believe in t-shirt printing? Seriously…I’ve never seen a bigger group of squares in my life! Not a single screen printed shirt in the bunch. The screen printers union needs to crack down on this, stat!

Maybe we would have better luck with the main characters?

main characters from the walking dead

You’ve got to be kidding me! We couldn’t get one of these guys or gals into a vintage screen printed t-shirt? Who handles the wardrobe on this show? Certainly not Merchbro, that’s for sure. If we did, this photo would look a little something like this:

walking dead characters wearing merchbro t-shirts

After considering the maddening circumstances surrounding the obvious deterioration in the wardrobe selection of The Walking Dead, we decided there was only one thing to do in response. And that was to create a list of the coolest Walking Dead t-shirts we could find on the internet. We figure the strongest protest of their bland shirt selection is to present the world with the power of great design.

And here is the culmination of our efforts. I hope you enjoy!

The Walking Dead T-Shirt List: A Visual Protest

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daryl dixon walking dead characters t-shirt

fear the living walking dead t-shirt

I crossbow walkers the walking dead t-shirt

rick and zombies walking dead t-shirt

red eyed zombie walking dead t-shirt

don't look back walking dead t-shirt

dixon crossbow training academy walking dead t-shirt

if daryl dies we riot walking dead t-shirt

daryl dixon walking dead t-shirt

daryl dixon walking dead t-shirt

abandon all hope walking dead t-shirt

not my governor walking dead t-shirt

no walkers walking dead t-shirt

michonne walkers walking dead t-shirt

dales rv guided walker tours walking dead t-shirt

zombie stale kids carl walker grimes walking dead t-shirt

the walking deadites walking dead t-shirt

Woodbury Georgia a biter free community walking dead t-shirt

Know of any cool Walking Dead t-shirts we didn’t feature? Feel free to make your recommendation in the comment section and we’ll be sure to add it to the list… Provided it doesn’t bite.

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