Some Colorful UN Foundation T-Shirts Printed With Love

In 1998 Ted Turner did a self audit. He must have walked away from that self appraisal a pretty happy man. He was worth 3.2 billion dollars. And instead of trying to figure out ways to make even more money, he settled on one way to give quite a lot away.

How much money is quite a lot of money, you ask?

Dr. Evil touching pinky to mouth and saying 1 billion dollars

That’s right. My Uncle Ted (Turner who, by the way, is not my uncle) decided to give away 1 billion dollars. Not all at once, but in 100 million dollar chunks once a year for 10 years.

And what would this money be used for? The creation of the UN Foundation, a non-profit organization designed to help support and fund many of the missions important to the United Nations.

Here’s a quick list of some of the issues the UN Foundation focuses on:

  • Climate change
  • Energy sustainability
  • Child health
  • Sustainable development
  • Technology
  • Women’s equality
  • Population management
  • Support of the United Nations

So this is all well and good. Great, even. But why am I blogging about the UN Foundation today? Because Merchbro had the pleasure of printing some official UN Foundation custom t-shirts. And in our estimation they came out looking volcanic-fire-flames fantastic.

Colorful t-shirts screen printed for the UN Foundation

It was an honor and a pleasure working with the UN Foundation on this project. Thanks for the opportunity, guys and gals!

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