Google Ideas T-Shirt Acknowledges Important Global Cause

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As the fine people at Google Ideas point out, the difficulties facing the next 5 billion people to come online are going to be vastly different than the problems and difficulties of the first 2 billion. Sure, people from the United States had to deal with 14k modems. And that was a difficult test of our wills, no doubt. But the next 5 billion people to come online? They’re predominantly from countries that have either been too poor or their governments too splintered or oppressive to build the infrastructure needed to bring their countries into the internet age. These people have spent the last 15 years dealing with real world problems while we’ve been freaking out about websites that take more than 2 seconds to load. These people deserve to have access to the internet just as much as we do and they need our help.

Google Ideas is on the forefront of strategizing how to harness the internet for the next 5 billion in a way that can account for and, hopefully, overcome these issues. Their mission statement is as follows:

Google Ideas is a think/do tank that explores how technology can enable people to confront threats in the face of conflict, instability and repression. We connect users, experts and engineers to research and seed new technology-driven initiatives.

We think it’s a super important effort and we here at Merchbro are glad to see some of the tops minds in this country and all over the world coming together to tackle the issue head on.

Recently, Google reached out to us to print some Google Ideas t-shirts. We were really excited for the project and the shirts turned out terrific.

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We tip our caps to Google Ideas. Keep up the great work, guys!

Want to learn more? Check out their Google+ page.

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