Julian Edelman TD Pass T-Shirt Already On Sale

Well, that was quick. Less than 24 hours after Julian Edelman recorded his first NFL pass and his first NFL passing touchdown, Julian Edelman notched another first: the first Julian Edelman TD Pass T-Shirt. For just $29.99 you can have this great moment in Patriots playoff history immortalized forever. Or for at least the normal lifespan of a t-shirt.

We must admit, the shirt is almost as sharp as Julian’s haircut:

Julian Edelman TD Pass T-Shirt worn by Julian Edelman

In case you missed the historic Patriots vs Ravens Division Round game, here’s a clip of the td pass this t-shirt so wonderfully honors.

Sorry for the poor quality video. The original was better but was taken down for copyright reasons.

You can purchase this fine piece of Patriots swag at Julian Edelman’s Official Store.

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